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From the Love Of Wisdom … A New View Of Being Human

–The Pioneers of Kinlein
Published Spring, 2012.
Authored by the first learners of the theory that underlies the Profession of Kinlein, A New View of Being Human introduces the phenomenon that every human being is endowed at conception with a power to take action in living life, moment by moment. This power is profound because it means one can change, reinforce, or develop new attitudes and actions to enhance the way life is lived. This book provides the reader with a platform for considering what it means to grow in understanding the power of being human and the value of each person’s contribution to this world.

A New View of Being Human can be purchased from Kinleiners across the country, major booksellers, or through Dog Ear Publishing. Opportunities to review the book are available in many locations including Anchorage, AK; Wausau, WI; Waterbury, CT; and Hyattsville, MD.

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In Quest of Self

— Betty Beauchamp
In Quest of Self by Betty Beauchamp is a fascinating account by the author from a journal kept during 6 months of being a client of M. Lucille Kinlein. Copyright 2010, The Institute of Kinlein. 143_Quest_Cover

What Am I Doing With Who I Am?

— M. Lucille Kinlein
What Am I Doing With Who I Am? M. Lucille Kinlein’s book presents the theory of moving in esca in a vernacular style that will draw the reader into the unfolding of the concepts in the theory. Copyright 1995, The National Center of Kinlein. whatamidoing

Introduction to the Profession of Kinlein

This work is based primarily on the writing of M. Lucille Kinlein and Loretta Ulmschneider, CPK, with elaboration by Mary L. Bolin, CPK
Copyright 2002, Kinlein Offices, Anchorage, AK

Cordising: A New Understanding of Caring

This monograph was written by M. Lucille Kinlein as author-editor with co-authors Betty Beauchamp, Lenora Trussell, Lynn Gelzer, Evelyn Studer, and Loretta Ulmschneider. Caring is explored through looking at relationships in their lives.

Scholarly Publications of the Profession

Building On Your Strengths