Institute of Kinlein

Since 1971, the response of the public to the Profession of Kinlein warranted the establishment of the National Center of Kinlein (Institute of Kinlein). The philosophy of the Institute of Kinlein is based on the principle of the inherent dignity and power of the person with this guiding purpose:

To bring benefit to people through educational offerings and research of the Theory of Moving in Esca and the Theory of Assisting Persons in Moving in Esca.

The National Center of Kinlein (Institute of Kinlein) fulfills its purpose through these activities:

  • provide resources for education in the profession
  • generate research of the theories of the profession
  • compile and maintain a reference library
  • house the archives of the profession

The Program of Study in the Institute consists of two series of courses:

POS 500s: a 3-course series that teach the theory, concepts and principles that help a person understand more of wisdom in living life.

POS 700s: a year of “guided practice” with experienced kinleiners.

For further details, see Program of Study

Coming Soon:

POS 800s: Currently under development, these courses will prepare kinleiners to teach the theory of moving in esca and the theory of assisting.


The approach to teaching in the Institute is different than in other educational programs. The kinleinal teacher moves from the foundation of understanding a person moving in esca and then, assists students in the process of learning from that foundation.

Classes are taught in person in Anchorage, Alaska and Wausau, Wisconsin with online options available.

Contact IOK Faculty for more information:

Institute of Kinlein – Anchorage, Alaska
Mary Bolin, CPK
Linda Waggoner, CPK
Kay Alley, CPK

Institute of Kinlein – Wausau, Wisconsin
Loretta Ulmschneider, CPK
Nancy Kohorn Henricks, CPK

The National Center of Kinlein (Institute of Kinlein) is a non-profit 501c3 foundation.