Profession of Kinlein

Assisting People in Living Life
I n t r o d u c t i o n
     Common Man has pondered the "big questions" of life over the millennia. Who am I? What is my purpose?
Where did I come from? Why do I do what I do? What should I do? Personal beliefs form as a person
contends with such questions. In light of these beliefs, a philosophical foundation is built from which actions
are taken and decisions are made as a person goes through life.
What is the Practice of Kinlein?

The profession of kinlein has a practice component whereby persons request assistance in regard to issues or concerns life brings to them. One who practices kinlein is called a kinleiner. The person, the client, is assisted from the perspective that every human being has the power to take action in living life. People seek assistance from the kinleiner in regard to almost any aspect of living, often relationships, health, careers, raising children, and others. These aspects of living and the beliefs people hold in regard to them are related to that person's personal philosophy. 

Question:  What do kinleiners do?

Have you ever wished for a professional person who would care with you as you move through all the different situations life brings?  Listening to you, providing an objective view point without

telling you what to do or how to do it?  Assisting you in building on all that is good and strong within you?

That's what kineiners do with their clients.

The kinleiner listens to the person and builds on all that is good, strong and healthy within the person. The kinleiner provides a gentle mirroring through which the client may see self in a more objective light and may gain insight into the power he has to take action. Kinleiners are in practice in several states across the country.
What is the Profession of

Kinlein is a relatively new profession among the caring professions. It has as its formal object the phenomenon that every person has the power to take action in living life moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day.   It is in the nature of human beings to take action based on a belief system, or personal philosophy. Hence, persons' beliefs or philosophy of life uniquely affect the results of taking action in living life. 

The profession of kinlein encompasses the components of education, research and professional practice. The agents for these components are the Institute of Kinlein, the National Center of Kinlein, (not for profit organization) and the American Kinlein Association.

The profession observes the following premises: 

  • At conception a person receives the power to take action in living life
  • There is dignity in every person

  • Each person has the responsibility for and the control over his or her actions
  • A person can know self better than anyone else can know that self
  • A person can be assisted in a way that benefits self and others
History of the Profession

M. Lucille Kinlein, the founder of the profession, opened her office of independent practice of nursing in 1971, the first such practice in the world. Her clients soon named the care which they were receiving, kinlein and told others that they were going for kinleining, or referred to Lucille Kinlein as their kinleiner. The clients said they could not get this kind of care anywhere else. In 1979, in the midst of renowned recognition in the nursing world, Lucille Kinlein left that field  and declared the founding of a new profession. It was validated as such in 1981 through research done at the graduate level at the University of Wisconsin and the University of Minnesota.*

*(Torrey, M. Joanne, "The Professional Practice Discipline of Kinlein." University of Wisconsin-Superior, May 1981; Gordon, Judith Lynne, "A Critical Analysis of the Theory of the Practice of Kinlein as a Scientific Theory," Universiy of Minnesota, August, 1981)