For the Public

Informal classes and book clubs are available to the public in locations around the country and often via online streaming. Such opportunities are posted on this website.

Any of the classes can be tailored to a specific request or interest by groups of four or more.

The Book Club and the classes offer helpful, practical ideas and principles for living that benefit persons of any age, in any situation.

Contact a kinleiner in your area or send a message here and a kinleiner will contact you.

Informal Classes and Book Club List:
  • The Book Club - A review of A New View of Being Human. See book description (link to review).
  • Effective Listening - The art and science of listening.
  • Productive Communication - A class for those interested in honing their ability to convey ideas, information and "what I mean" more effectively.
  • Who Am I and Why Am I Here? - Forum for considering identity and purpose in life.
  • What Am I Doing With Who I Am? - For anyone interested in maximizing their fulfillment in living this life that has been given each one of us.
  • On Trust and Trusting - The root of issues involving one's expression of trust in self and in regard to others.
  • A Class for Grownups - I made it this far, what now?
  • Kinlein Discourse - Concepts universal to living life from the unique perspective of each participant.
  • Giving And Receiving From The Heart - Every person has dignity, power, control and responsibility. When both the giver and receiver of caring are seen in this way, burdens are lifted.
  • Finding Common Ground - Principles and tools to find the balance between the good of the individual with the common good and bring harmony in relationships.

Looking for more information?

Reach out to a Professional Kinleiner. We look forward to hearing from you.