Profession of Kinlein

Assisting People In Living Life

Institute of Kinlein

The purpose of the Institute of Kinlein is to meet the societal need for professional care through education and research in the Profession of Kinlein.

The Program of Study at the Institute offers courses in four divisions of content: Philosophy Applied, Theory of Moving in Esca, Human Relationships Through Life, and the Theory of Assisting Clients. 

The Institute

The design for the offerings in the Institute of Kinlein is that of Stoas in ancient Greece. The student has the

 responsibility of  pursuing questions and answers in light of the material presented in Stoas: Philosophy 

Applied, Theory of Moving in Esca, Human Relationships Through Life, and  the Theory of Assisting Clients

Upon successful completion of the program of study, the student becomes certified in the practice of kinlein 

CPK) or may use this background to enhance his or her own life. 

For more information or to apply contact:

Mary L. Bolin, CPK or Linda Waggoner, CPK  907-227-5971

IOK Faculty Conference Held In 2019



Annual Faculty Conference:  The 12th annual 4 day faculty conference will be April 26-29, 2019.

Faculty began work on operational guidelines for the IOK.  This is a natural sequel to building the infrastructure of the IOK, a process that has been going for several years.  Faculty identified IOK functions for which operational guidelines are most needed. The next step is for the kinleiner of reference, Grace Bates to draft one guideline at a time, circulate it among faculty.  After revisions have been made to their satisfaction, faculty will adopt the guideline.


Another topic raised for consideration is Praxis, a form of education for newly certified kinleiners.  This can be considered a pilot project that developed at the Institute of Kinlein, Anchorage Region as a result of requests from newly certified kinleiners there.  Currently, there is no tuition for the Praxis because of its status as a pilot project. Faculty will be looking at the results of the project to determine the next steps, if any.  One benefit of Praxis is that what happens there may inform the Program of Study of possible adjustments that would be helpful to future students. The Book Club in Anchorage also has been a setting for Praxis activities as new kinleiners host and answer questions posed by participants


Faculty continued to discuss the possibility of advanced formal education at the Masters level and higher. Looking at the big picture questions such as these  were asked:  What is mastery? What does Masters level work look like in the Profession of Kinlein? How would a Masters level education build on the Program of Study?  Does the Program of Study already represent Masters level work in the profession? If any kinleiner has ideas or questions about the subject, please contact Grace Bates.


New Students:  The IOK Anchorage Region taught  POS 501 with four students in May/June 2018. POS 502 will be scheduled in 2019.   

Two men who are inmates in the Wisconsin prison system are seeking to learn about the theory of moving in esca through their communication with kinleiners Henricks and Ulmschneider.


Textbook:  Work has continued on the new textbook of the practice of kinlein over the past year.  Writers Bates, Bolin, Ulmschneider and Waggoner have made significant progress, yet much remains to be completed.  Additional information will be provided by the Textbook Writers Group in their report at Assembly October, 2019.

The Research Focus Group and the Dictionary Focus Group also are part of the Institute of Kinlein. They will report separately on their activities over the past year at Assembly.






Faculty of the Institute
Kay Alley, B.A., CPK
Grace F. Bates, M.S., CPK 

Mary L. Bolin, M.S., CPK 

Karen Carpenter, B.S., CPK

Mary Glynn, M.K., CPK

Annette James, M.S., D.K., CPK

Nancy Kohorn Henricks, B.S., CPK

Jeanette Tedesco, Ph.D., CPK

Loretta Ulmschneider, B.A., CPK

Linda Waggoner, M.S., CPK

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