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Institute of Kinlein

The purpose of the Institute of Kinlein is to meet the societal need for professional care through education and research in the Profession of Kinlein.

The Program of Study at the Institute offers courses in four divisions of content: Philosophy Applied, Theory of Moving in Esca, Human Relationships Through Life, and the Theory of Assisting Clients. 

Director of the Institute
M. Lucille Kinlein

The design for the offerings in the Institute of Kinlein is that of Stoas in ancient Greece. The student has the responsibility of  pursuing questions and answers in light of the material presented in Stoas: Philosophy Applied, Theory of Moving in Esca, Human Relationships Through Life, and  the Theory of Assisting Clients. Upon successful completion of the program of study, the student becomes certified in the practice of kinlein (CPK) or may use this background to enhance his or her own life.

For more information or to apply contact:

Mary L. Bolin, CPK or Linda Waggoner, CPK  907-227-5971

8th Annual Faculty Conference of the IOK
      The faculty of the IOK met at the Institute in Hyattsville, Maryland, in April of 2016 to evaluate the implementation of the Program of Study in various regions. The Program of Study is currently being offered at the Anchorage, Alaska, Regional Office of the Institute of Kinlein.  Contact information above. 
Faculty of the Institute
Kay Alley, B.A., CPK
Grace F. Bates, M.S., CPK 

Mary L. Bolin, M.S., CPK 

Karen Carpenter, B.S., CPK

Mary Glynn, M.K., CPK

Annette James, M.S., D.K., CPK

Nancy Kohorn Henricks, B.S., CPK

Jeanette Tedesco, Ph.D., CPK

M. Joanne Torrey, MSEd, CPK

Loretta Ulmschneider, B.A., CPK

Linda Waggoner, M.S., CPK

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