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I d e a s   T o  C o n s i d e r
The Forum
In ancient Greece and Rome the gate to the city was a place to meet and discuss ideas of the day. This gate was known as The Forum, a public meeting place for open discussion.  The profession of kinlein will post articles to stimulate intellectual discourse. Any person may comment on the articles through the form to the right. These comments will then be posted on the "Profession Of Kinlein", Facebook site where others may also comment. 

The Significance of Words

Since the dawn of time human beings have attempted to convey meaning to one another.  Drawings, dance, facial expressions, gestures- all represent these attempts.  The first utterances were an another way of conveying meaning, using vocal cords and the larynx.  These utterances which we refer to as words proliferated, until today and every day, we are bombarded with them, spoken, written, and signed.  Much of the time, we take only superficial notice of words.  Yet, sometimes, a word or conversation goes straight to our hearts, resulting in a new understanding of ourselves, one another and society in general.  Words can be used to inform, heal, persuade, hurt, confuse.   Words contain self.  Myself is within every word I speak. My words are a representation of me.   Words are evidence of the uniqueness in every human being.  If this idea were believed, would it change how words are selected and spoken? Would it affect how we listen to others?  To respond to another's speaking by listening fully and without interuption portrays respect for the speaker, and indeed, for the very essense of the person.    

Grace K.F. Bates, CPK
Kailua, Hawaii