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American Kinlein Association


The American Kinlein Association is the organization of kinleiners acting for the benefit of society in the profession and practice of kinlein.


To observe the integrity of the Profession of Kinlein

Functions to Accomplish the Purpose:

  • Determine and maintain standards of competency for practice.
  • Serve as the forum for communication among kinleiners and with the public.

                                                                     For Information Contact:
Nancy Kohorn Henricks,  Kinleiner of Reference
408 3rd Street
Wausau, WI 54403


38th National Assembly of Kinlein

October 11-16, 2017

Hampton Inn

9670 Baltimore Ave.

College Park, MD 20740


For more information contact:

Nancy Kohorn Henricks, CPK




The October 2017 Assembly of Kinlein is dedicated to Betty Beauchamp 
Betty Beauchamp 1940-2017
Kinleiner Betty Beauchamp, administrator, author, benefactor for the profession, companion and eternal lover of all things to do with bears, died April 16, 2017.  The Profession of Kinlein will greatly miss Betty.  She displayed an uncommon common sense. She was a master at focusing until she accomplished her purposes and those were many. She did not talk about her plans or the accomplishments in her work and play and charity. She was the actor, the doer, in the completing of a project and no one would know until it was presented, done. No fanfare.  She brought the same tenacity in support of the profession of kinlein, its founder Lucille Kinlein, assistance to students and welcome to clients. The profession is honored to dedicate the 2017 Assembly of Kinlein to the memory of Betty Beauchamp. 

Some of above text taken from Joanne Torrey's comments at Betty Beauchamp's funeral. 
2016 AKA Assembly

The American Kinlein Association Assembly had a very special event. On October 16, 2016 M. Lucille Kinlein was conferred with a doctoral degree in Kinlein by the Institute of Kinlein. The faculty and fellow Kinleiners gathered for the afternoon ceremony. Mary Bolin, CPK accompanied Miss Kinlein in the processional. Linda Waggoner, CPK opened with the Invocation. Betty Beachamp, CPK read the biography of the candidate. Kinleiner Karen Carpenter, CPK offered the declaration of the Candidate's body of work. This was an amazing reading of 45 years of professional publications, books and accomplishments. Kinleiner of Reference for the Institute of Kinlein, Grace Bates, CPK accepted the body of work as a substantial contribution to humanity at the highest of academic levels and the conferral of the doctorate of Kinlein degree. Kinleiners Annette James, CPK and Nancy Kohorn Henricks, CPK had the privilege of hooding the recipient. Dr. M. Lucille Kinlein gave an acceptance speech followed by each kinleiner present personally thanking Miss Kinlein for her work and their involvement in the profession. Dinner and a reception followed.